10 Ways to Increase Engagement in Spelling

Dear Homeschooler,

Here are 10 ways to keep your student engaged in spelling:

  1. Use magnet letters.
  2. Use smelly markers.
  3. Draw a shape or a long convoluted line and have your student write along the perimeter.
  4. Use character-themed letters.
  5. Use window markers.
  6. Use letter beads. I suggest using a pipecleaner to string them on instead of string.
  7. Have your student write really big, really small, or sideways, or upside-down.
  8. Allow your student to make each letter into a picture. My son loves making ‘monster letters.’
  9. Use letter stamps.

Have you tried something with your student that has increased their engagement in spelling class? I’d love to hear about it.