Curriculum Checklist

pros and cons compare crossword puzzle

Dear Homeschooler, Isn’t summer wonderful? Days are filled with sandboxes, picnics, and bonfires, but if you are like me, despite sunny beaches and pool parties, each year around this time your mind involuntarily starts flickering to the upcoming school year. How will it be organized?  What curriculum will I use?…

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Replenishing the Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank With Savings Message

Dear Homeschooler, Today, I bring up the foreboding subject of money. Wait! Don’t close your browser and run for the comforts of Solitaire. I want to talk about how to replenish your piggy bank, not break it.  Fall is quickly approaching and with the normal ‘back to school’ prep comes…

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Review: Ed Emberley’s FunPrint


Overview: This book is a combination of two books (Fingerprint Drawing Book and Great Thumbprint Drawing Book) which uses thumb and finger prints made with ink to create fun pictures by adding simple lines, dots, and scribbles.  Usability: Extremely easy to use with clear, pictorial, step-by-step instructions. Targeted Group: Officially grades 1-4 (ages…

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