Who Is Learning From Assessments?

Time To Learn Concept

Dear Homeschooler, Assessment. Data. Evaluation. These can be some intimidating words. In the homeschool world, they are associated with standardized testing and state assessment requirements — something we HAVE to do to be able to school our children at home, but evaluating your student can be extremely useful. You can learn a lot: You…

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Camping Resources


Dear Homeschooler, Memorial Weekend is coming up. It’ s a perfect opportunity to incorporate some camping-themed fun to your learning. Here are some ideas: Make a pretend (or real) fire. Sit around it and tell stories. You can even take turns telling different parts, creating conflicts and resolutions. Write sight…

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ArtAchieve: A Review

Image 144

Dear Homeschooler, My kids love crafts. Just give me some construction paper, scissors, and glue, and I can make any animal project, but when it comes to having actual art skills — Eek! I am not an artist. How do I go about teaching my kids the skills behind lines, colors, and…

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