Maple Leaves and Zoos

Image 153

This month, we … Spent 2 weeks with Grandma in Canada. This is the first trip the kids have gone on a trip without me. The had a blast playing with cousins, camping, looking for treasure at the beach, having a Canadian birthday party, swimming, biking, going to the aquarium,…

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Novare Science & Math: A Review


Dear Homeschooler, Why is the sky blue? Can ray guns, light sabers, or photon torpedoes really be made? What causes the distant pavement on a highway to appear wet? Like most kids, mine ask questions constantly. I can answer some of them. Some I google (good ol’ technology!). Wouldn’t it be…

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Before You Turn On A Screen…

Before you turn on a screen

Dear Homeschooler, Ahhhhhh, summer! When we finished the last worksheet of the 2016 -2017 school year, we gladly fell into a week of blissful laziness — sleeping late, watching movies, playing with Legos and baby dolls, and eating easy finger foods for lunch. Eventually, we started planning our summer, knowing we couldn’t…

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Ancient China Resources

Image 148

Dear Homeschooler, The 2016 – 2017 year has come to a close for us, but we enjoyed our last few weeks of school with a unit study of Ancient China. I made it fun — full of activities and videos. General Resources The British Museum: Ancient China Free World Maps…

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Whistlefritz: A Review


Dear Homeschooler,  Hola. Como estás? Spanish is such a fun language. Plus, knowing a second language is such a useful skill to have. If you are part of the Dear Homeschooler community, you will know that my background in linguistics causes me to be rather drawn to language curricula; I…

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K5 Learning: A Review

K5 Learning

Dear Homeschooler, We’ve been winding down the school year over the last month or two. As we finished up our core curricula, I’ve been supplementing with some fun, computer-based educational programs. One of our favorites has been the  online program by K5 Learning. K5 Learning provides supplemental instruction in reading, math, and spelling…

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Free Book: Summer Reading Program

Barnes and Noble

Dear Homeschooler, Looking for an incentive to keep your kids reading during the summer? Barnes and Noble have launched their Summer Reading Program from kids in grades 1 – 6. By reading 8 books over the course of the summer, kids can earn a free book. Once your kid has…

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