Our 2nd Grade Curriculum Choices

imageDear Homeschooler,

The new school year is here. It’s easy to just continue on with the same curriculum you have always used. Although I don’t personally recommend changing curricula every year, I do find it helpful to look at the curriculum other home educators have chosen to help me assess if my choices last year will work this year and explore new possibilities.

Homeschooling gives us the ability to go as fast or as slow as our student need.  If you are considering doing any of the curriculum I have listed below, choose the levels that are appropriate for your student. A lot of them have placement tests that you can take to see exactly where your student should start. My second grader learns at a fairly fast pace, so he is a level or two above a typical second grader.

Here is what my second grader is doing this year.

Literacy, Language, and Writing



  • Singapore Math 3a
  • Singapore Math 3b
  • CTCMath

History & Geography




Do you have a second grader? What do you have planned?

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