A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooler: When Life Happens

Dear Homeschooler,image

Today has been one of those days. You know which ones I mean. The ones where nothing goes as planned and watching Magic School Bus episodes counts as science class.

I had great plans for this ‘A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooler’ post. It was going to show how we get up early to start our day with an hour at the park to prepare our minds for learning (and give me a chance to workout) followed by a perfectly executed day where we hit all our targets, follow all my lesson plans, and complete our extra-curricular activities. Today was not that day.

As I sit here writing, I briefly contemplate whether or not to postpone this topic till next week. As a certified teacher, organizing guru, and perfect planner, I take great pride in how most days we have GREAT learning experiences, but even I have those days, where all plans go out the window, and I decided to share that with you.

Our current living situation is not ideal: I am living with my in-laws in Arizona while my husband works in Colorado. He visits every 3 and a half weeks, but that is not nearly enough, and we miss him terribly. Most of our stuff (including most of my school room) is still packed, scattered in various storage areas. On top of continuing to homeschool, I am helping to care for my mother-in-law, who is in the later stages of Parkinson’s, while managing the meals and household. I share this not to gain the awww’s of a sympathetic reader but to reiterate that subtitle ‘When Life Happens’ and show what that means in the context of my day.

Last night we got to bed late because we had to take my husband to the airport. That caused a slow start to our day, which was full of appointments, and school lessons kept getting pushed back, shortened, and modified until, finally, we sat down to do some math and literacy at McDonald’s at 5:17 pm.


No, today was NOT ideal. We all have days like this, where life seems to trip us up, and all our plans fly out the window. It happens. We can’t control it.

I want to encourage you, dear homeschooler, to not feel defeated. We invest so much of our time and energy into our kids and their education that a day like this every once in a while won’t affect them much.

Tomorrow will be better.

Till Next Time,




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