A Simple Way to Teach Preschool Science

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Ah, science! This is probably our favorite subject as a family. There is so much you can do, and it can be so fun and engaging. I imagine most of us follow ascience curriculum in some form or another. In our case, we are actually doing a classical biology curriculum and a living zoology curriculum with a smattering of robotics — not because I am trying to burden by son but because this is where his interests lie and he WANTS to do it.

There are so many choices for grade-school, but what about preschool? Princess Super Kitty does join in on our experiments because they are fun, but she understands very little about what is going on. There is so much for them to learn and explore: How do we know what to do?


Preschool Science

Here’s a simple way to teach any topic to your preschooler:

1. Pick a topic: This can be anything your preschooler shows an  interest in or something you want them to learn about. I suggest starting in realms of biology: animals, their body, using their senses, plants, growing, etc., but if your preschooler is fascinated with space or magnets, go for it!

2. Find a simple book.



3. Read one to two pages.


4. Determine ONE fact you want your preschooler to remember: Snow leopard’s fur helps him hide in the snow. Try to have them commit this to memory.

5. Create an project/activity around that one fact.You can incorporate other skills they are working on like tracing, cutting, etc. 

6. Do a craft/experiment around that one fact: In the pictures below, we are experimenting with the concept of camouflage.


7.  Add other fun activities, if you want:

  • Watch You Tube videos or related movies on topic
  • Do additional crafts
  • Read storybooks 
  • Dress up and act like the animal/put on a play/ play make belief, etc.
  • Do activity books/cards
  • Go on a field trip
  • Make cookies shaped like the topic 
  • Create with playdoh, clay, kinetic sand, etc.

Photo Gallery


I’d love to see what you do for preschool science! Comment below and perhaps upload a picture!

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  4. I love some of the crafts you put together for your daughter.

    My daughter also has an interest in animals. She watches a lot of Wildcratts shows and plays different animal games on her leapster. I’m not kidding when I say she’s a mini walking encyclopaedia of animal science, rattling off random facts randomly lol.

  5. This is great info on teaching science!

  6. This is the perfect approach to teaching preschoolers I love it! I just love discovering my kiddos’ interests and helping them learn more. We love using the Google app on my phone. They can “ask Google” a question they have about something they’re curious about like “why do polar bears have blue tongues?” Thanks for the great post on teaching science to little ones!

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