ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook: A Review

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We are not all-year homeschoolers, but we are all-year learners. The learning we do in the summer is less formal and, hopefully, a lot of fun. My daughter is getting ready to enter Kindergarten, so I wanted to  introduce some phonics this summer to prepare her, so I was really excited for the opportunity to review the Interactive A Workbook by the ABeCeDarian Company.

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews
ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

The Product: ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook


The ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook is a digital teacher-led phonics workbook. It works  best on a tablet such as an iPad or a Kindle, but it can also work on a computer.

Each lesson takes about 20-30 minutes, but you can go as fast or as slow as your student needs. This is the primary workbook, designed for those who don’t even know any letters yet. If your student is a little farther along,  you are not required to start at lesson 1. There is a placement test you can download for free that will tell you exactly at what lesson your student should start. ABeCeDarian Company offers 3 additional levels, the last of which targets students in fifth and sixth grade.

The Teacher’s Manual is an essential resource. It contains all the instructions and scripts for each lesson. It also provides information on how to pronounce the phonemes, how t0 teach letter formation, and how to correct student errors. AbeCeDarian Company provides videos on error correction on their You Tube channel. Here are some screen shots of a typical lesson in the teacher’s manual:

The Interactive A Workbook uses many different activities to engage students:

  • Word Puzzles
  • Isolated Letter-Sound Practice
  • Say and Write
  • Tap and Say Error Game
  • Reading the Words People Talk
  • Spelling Practice
  • Spelling and Reading Chains
  • Reading Sentences and Stories
  • Writing Sentences
  • Games and Variations

ABeCeDarian Company offers additional free supplemental resources, such as tile cards and word cards on their website.

Teaching Philosophy and Methodology

The reading philosophy of this product is based in fluency: the path to fluent reading and comprehension is decoding sounds, blending sounds, learning phonics (meaning of sounds), and recognizing words without decoding (fluent reading). They believe that letter labels only serve to confuse, so they teach letter sounds (phonemes) right from the start.

They incorporate many different teaching methodologies (auditory, vocal, kinetic and hands-on, etc.) in each lesson. This is a teacher-directed curriculum, so each lesson in the workbook is designed to be led by a teacher. The scripted lessons are included in the teachers manual.


My Opinion

My daughter loved the ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook. She loved being on the iPad,  enjoyed the activities, and responded well to the content.

ABeCeDarianVery Little Planning

I liked the fact that I could just pick up my devices, call my daughter on over, and go.


We live in a world of technology: I almost always have one of my devices with me. This gives this product an added level of flexibility. I don’t have to remember books or even a pencil. I can whip out my iPad at Panera or the doctor’s office and go.

Highly Engaging

The digital aspect of this product adds a high level of engagement for the student. Also, my daughter loved Turtle Talk (stretching out the sounds): It reminded her of the sloths on Disney’s Zootopia.


Have you used the ABeCeDarrian Interactive A Workbook? How did your kids like it? I’d love to hear about your experience. Just comment below.

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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews
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