An Afternoon in the Garden

Dear Homeschooler,

Is it just me or does winter seem to be dragging on? We get a warm spell,  and I start cleaning up the yard, then BAM! the cold hits again. Since I can’t start my garden yet, I planned some garden-themed activities when some friends came over. If you feel like I do, have a little garden party of your own. 🙂


Decorating Pots

First thing we did was decorate pots! I got a two-pack of small ceramic pots from the Dollar Tree. The kids could choose to decorate with colored permanent markers (also from Dollar Tree) or use Kwik Stix.

Garden-Creature Snacks

While decorating, we ate healthy apple snails: circularly sliced apples “glued” to celery with peanut butter. These did NOT turn out as pretty as those on Pinterest, but that’s ok. 🙂 Another option would be the traditional ants on a log.

Garden: Apple Snails


Next, we planted seeds. Dollar Tree has both flowers and vegetable seeds packets for $0.25 each and potting soil for $1.

Garden: pot


Bug Discovery

Next, the kids went outside to search for bugs! I got them each a bug catcher kit (again…at Dollar Tree) that had tweezers, a net, and a container with a magnify glass on a string so they can wear it around their necks. Since it still is a bit chilly, they didn’t have too much luck, but they did manage to find some ants. 🙂

Dirt Pudding

Dirt pudding is always a favorite, and it is even more fun when students make their own pudding in a ziploc bag. Just divide up the instant pudding mix and milk into separate baggies. Once sealed, the kids have a blast pounding and squishing the bag until the pudding thickens. Then squeeze the pudding into a clear cup and add crumbly “dirt” Oreos, chocolate chip “rocks,” and squiggly gummy worms. Yum!


Of course, no activity is complete without a story. We read Secrets of the Apple Tree: A Shine-A-Light Book from Usborne Books. This book is especially fun and engaging because it has secret pictures that can only be seen when you shine a flashlight behind the page.

Secrets of the Apple Tree


Bookshelf: Garden Theme

For other great ideas for garden-themed learning, visit Bookshelf’s Garden Theme. If you are a homeschool or educational blogger and have a great, educational gardeny post, be sure to link up!

Bookshelf garden


Have you done some garden-related learning? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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