An Angel, Dark Knight, and Tooth Fairy walk into a…

Homeschool Highlights: Week of October 31, 2015


This week, we…

  • went Trunk-Or-Treating at our apartment complex
  • worked on 2 and 3 times tables
  • lost a first tooth!
  • enjoyed the fall leaves with Thor and Cinderella
  • packed boxes to get ready for our move to Arizona
  • studied insects and invertebrates
  • had a princess tea party with special guest: Daddy!
  • took advantage of the warm weather and had PE at the park
  • made awesome box forts
  • danced at ballet, hip hop, and ballet/tap classes
  • studied at Panera
  • saw my guardian angel and the Dark Knight
  • played with best buds, Lincoln and Maverick

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