Ancient China Resources

Dear Homeschooler,

The 2016 – 2017 year has come to a close for us, but we enjoyed our last few weeks of school with a unit study of Ancient China. I made it fun — full of activities and videos.

General Resources

The British Museum: Ancient China

Free World Maps



  • Read about Ancient China’s geography: Duckster,  Mr. Donn.
  • Watch Geography Videos on YouTube.
  • Draw in the mountains, rivers, deserts, ocean, etc. on a map.


Great Wall of China

  • Create your own replica of the Great Wall of China. We used ‘bricks’ made of rice krispie squares.
  • Draw the Great Wall of China?
  • Ask and Research: Why was the Great Wall of China built? Of what was it constructed? Can you see the Great Wall of China from space?


Writing & Calligraphy

  • See your name is Chinese here.
  • Practice writing Chinese characters here.
  • Discover Chinese language myths here.
  • Make a bamboo scroll here.

Emperors and Dynasties

Chinese Fashion

  • Read about Chinese fashion here.
  • Look at how fashion as changed in this poster.
  • Color Chinese clothes: Coloring pages here.


  • Read about it here or here.
  • Re-create one of the inventions such as the compass.

The Silk Road

  • Draw or trace a map of the Silk Road.
  • Read about it here.


Calendar and New Year

  • Read and find craft ideas here and here.
  • Tracing pages, games, and activities here.
  • Chinese New Years Coloring Pages here.

Photo Gallery

Bookshelf: Ancient China Link Up

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