Apologia Marine Biology: A Review


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We love animals. Both my kids have expressed an interest in working with animals when they older as a vet or even marine biologist. This is why I was interested in reviewing the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set by Apologia Educational Ministries. This is a high school course designed to be taken after high school biology. Since both my kids are still in elementary, I started the course myself. Being a ‘forever learner,” I had so much fun.


Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

Apologia is well-known for their detailed but easy reading, Christ-centered Science curricula. The Marine Biology high school course is no exception.

The marine biology course is arranged into 16 modules, each of which is designed to last about two weeks, studying about 45 – 60 minutes each school day. Following this schedule, the course should be completed in 33 weeks, so if your school year follows a typical 36 week outline, there are 3 extra weeks to spend time on the material that needs a little more attention.  The Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set includes the following materials:


Exploring Creation with Marine Biology TextMarine Biology

The text is thorough and well-presented with colorful pictures, tables, charts, etc. to illustrate the material. It is not dry reading like some textbooks: I actually enjoyed reading it. You’ll find instructions for the experiments in the text right at the most pertinent time in the module. There are three types of labs: household labs, dissection labs, and microscope lab. The supplies for the household labs can be found around the house, while the other two require the Marine Biology Slide Set and the Marine Biology Dissection Kit.

The text makes focused studying very easy. Important terms are highlights with bold text. At the end of each module is a study guide outlining relevant information. In the appendices, you’ll find a glossary of terms, further charts and tables, fill-in-the-blank module summaries, and lab supplies.


Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Student NotebookMarine Biology

The student notebook is where the student will take notes, answer questions, and complete fill-in-the-blanks summaries on each module as well as complete experiment instructions and lab reports. In the back, you will also find instructions and examples of how to present a scientific project.

In the introduction, you will find some guidance on how to organize and work through the course:

  • Parent notes
  • Rubric for grading experiments
  • Student notes
  • Daily schedule


Exploring Creation with Marine Biology MP3 Audio BookMarine Biology

The entire text is read aloud on the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD. This is extremely helpful if you are on the go or if you are an auditory learner. It is well-read and very interesting.


Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Solutions and Tests

This book provided the answers to the Study Guide questions, the Summary Questions, and tests as well as the test themselves.


My Opinion


The Audio MP3 Book makes learning on the go so easy — especially if you have a laptop. Note that this is will only play on devices capable of reading MP3s.

 Clear Expectations

I do like how clearly important information is marked. Bold faced words, the “On Your Own” questions, and Study Guide Question should adequately prepare students for the tests.

Addresses Multiple Learning Styles

This course addresses the needs of the visual learner, the auditory learner, independent learner, and social learner through all the materials names above as well as additional features and materials like Apologia Video Instructional DVDs and the Apologia Online Academy.


Overall, I really enjoyed this course and can’t wait to do this with my son. Have you or your high schooler taken Exploring Creation with Marine Biology? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Review}
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