ArtAchieve: A Review

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My kids love crafts. Just give me some construction paper, scissors, and glue, and I can make any animal project, but when it comes to having actual art skills — Eek! I am not an artist. How do I go about teaching my kids the skills behind lines, colors, and different mediums? This is why I was very excited for the opportunity to review the Entire Level 1 by ArtAchieve.


The Product: ArtAchieve Level 1

ArtAchieve is an online art program designed to teach anyone the skills of drawing. They believe that  “Drawing is not a skill reserved for special people who have “talent.”  Drawing is a skill, just like reading or math is a skill.  Each lesson level builds on the skills developed in the previous level.”

ArtAchieve has 5 levels. I started both my kindergartener and my second grader in Entire Level 1. You may purchase a 1 year subscription to individual lessons or entire level. Unlike many other art curricula, the supply list is short and reasonably priced.


The Lesson

Students can watch the tutorial video online or read the tutorial as a powerpoint. This contains all the information needed for your student to complete the lesson. There’s no teacher’s manuals or lectures — just set the video or powerpoint up, gather the materials, and your student is good to go! Each lesson also discusses the cultural significance of the project subject.



Before the student starts the actual project, they practice their lines in a warm up exercise, available as a printable worksheet.


Once they’ve practiced their lines, they start the project. They follow along with the video or powerpoint to draw the main focus picture and background. Using different mediums, such as markers, oil pastels, and watercolors, they add color and details to their project.


ArtAchieve includes many ideas to expand your student’s learning: In the description of each lesson is a section called Cross-Curricular Connections. There you will find suggestions on how to incorporate the topic or theme of the project into other subject areas, such as history, social studies, science, architecture, drama, and language arts through additional learning activities and links.


Art Gallery: Level 1


My Opinion

My kids love ArtAchieve Level 1, and I loved it because it requires little preparation on my part. And my kids are learning art skills!

Multiple Grades

I was able to use the same level for both my kindergartener and my second grader, which makes teaching multiple grades a little easier.


Because all the lessons are online, lessons can happen anywhere with a little preparation. Yes, at Panera!

Individual Creativity

The instructions are very specific, but students are still encouraged to make the art project their own by drawing it the way they want, using the colors they want, and adding the details they want.

Basic Supplies

Some art programs require a lot of expensive supplies. ArtAchieve doesn’t break the bank and keeps the supply list simple. A list of supplies for each level can be found here.


Have your students used any of ArtAchieve‘s art classes? I would love to hear about it. Comment or upload a picture below. If you haven’t tried it out yet, check out one of their free lessons.

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