ARTistics Pursuits Inc: A Review of K-3 Book One

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
Do you have an art curriculum you follow or do you find crafts and project here and there that correspond to your current learning topics? We usually do the latter, and that is why we were very excited to review ARTistic Pursuits Inc.‘s K-3 Book One to learn some art technique.


ARTistic Pursuits: K-3 Book One

This introduction to art, designed for Kindergarteners through third graders, arranged 36 lessons into three distinctive sections:

  1. What Artists Do: This section focuses on honing the skills of an artist (observing, imagining, doing, etc.) to use different materials to compose art about different subject matter.
  2. What Artists See: This section explains the elemental techniques of shape, form, line, color, edges, space, and texture.
  3. Where We Find Art: This section explores art in history in different parts of the world, detailing different techniques and styles.

Each lesson has a short reading portion explaining the objective of the lesson, an example of art demonstrating the principle, and a project where the student creates using the technique they learned in the lesson.


ARTistic Pursuits Inc. exposes students to a wide range of materials and mediums. K-3 Book One is no exception. In this book, your student will be working with soft and oil pastels, ebony pencils, watercolor crayons, and clay to name a few. Here is a list of materials needed for this book:

ARTistic Pursuits

You are able to purchase the materials yourself or buy an art supply pack from ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. that will have everything you need to complete the lessons in K-3 Book One.


How We Used K-3 Book One

Like most curricula, we started at lesson one. We read the lesson together, discussed the technique, studied the art, and completed the project. Many times, after they practiced the technique described in the lessons, my students like to do additional projects with the lesson’s mediums to get creative! We did art everywhere! We also found ourselves using our newly honed observation skills to discuss various things outside of art class.


My Opinion

My first grader and preschooler both loved doing the lessons in the K-3 Book One curriculum.  The lessons and projects were highly engaging because we were using a lot of materials and mediums we had never been exposed to before. My kids especially loved drawing with the watercolor crayons and then painting them with water.

I found this art curriculum to be extremely versatile. We took it with us and did lessons outside, at the library, and at the coffee shop.

I think this curriculum worked great as a stand alone art class; however, I will be pulling it out again to supplement our history class when our lessons correspond to the historical art projects in the section Where We Find Art.

I will mention that the art materials get expensive. I thought I might be able to save some money by purchasing the supplies on my own. I found out that art supplies (pastels, clay, etc. ) are NOT craft supplies (construction paper, scissors, glue, etc.) and cost a lot more no matter where you buy them. Count these costs as part of the cost of the curriculum.

Overall, we enjoyed ARTistic Pursuits Inc.’s K-3 Book One. Moreover, I was able to teach art techniques having zero art knowledge.

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
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