Before You Turn On A Screen…

Dear Homeschooler,

Ahhhhhh, summer! When we finished the last worksheet of the 2016 -2017 school year, we gladly fell into a week of blissful laziness — sleeping late, watching movies, playing with Legos and baby dolls, and eating easy finger foods for lunch. Eventually, we started planning our summer, knowing we couldn’t lay around all the time. The kids chose “Rocks, Gems, Fossils, and Dinosaurs” as our summer learning theme. We don’t do a lot of traditional learning throughout the summer; We mostly read, take field trips,  and do crafts and fun projects with some writing.

Although our schedule is very relaxed in the summer, I find it helpful for both the kids and me to clearly define expectations. This is what I chose to do this year:

Before a screen is turned on, they must complete a list of activities which include grooming, cleaning, chores, pet care, and daily independent reading. They don’t have to do it immediately upon waking, but it has to be completed if they want to watch a movie or play video games. After lunch, we do a short themed activity and the kids must play outside for a while. Most days, we try to do our Read Aloud book around this time. Then, unless we have errands or activities planned, the kids can have free time again until supper.

Here is what their schedules look like for the summer:

I put the schedules in clear sheet protectors. The kids can check the boxes with dry erase markers and reuse them every day. They love it. Although it is accompanied with the occasional complaints, the kids on a whole are much happier knowing what is expected of them, and it is extremely helpful to me.

How do you schedule your summer? Do you make your kids do activities to “earn” screen time? I’d love to hear about it below in the comments.

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