Bible Study Guide For All Ages: A Review

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
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Do you incorporate a Bible program into your school day? We have been just reading the Bible together (which is always good!), but lately I have been thinking to incorporate a simple Bible program to increase the engagement of my students. That is why I was very happy for the opportunity to review Bible Study Guide For All Ages. We were very excited when the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) guides, large Bible Book Summary Cards, and the Wall Maps and Timeline set finally arrived.

Bible study guide for all ages

Bible Study Guide For All Ages is an easy-to-use, highly engaging Bible program that helps students not only remember Bible stories but also provide them with memory work, historical representation, and application. This is a versatile program with guides from preschool/kindergarten up to 6th grade:

The Product: Intermediate Student Pages and Teacher Key

My students are going into 2nd and 4th grade. Because my second grader is a fairly strong reader for her age, I decided to do the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade)  guide with both of them, so we can do it together, and it has worked out perfectly.


Student Page

Each student needs their own guide as they read, write and draw in it throughout the lesson. The Bible passage that the day’s lesson is from is at the top of the guide. We read this passage together. The lesson continues with a fun review activity, refreshing the memories of past stories. This is done with matching, true/false, circling, drawing, etc., and is followed by the memory work. This is usually the review of the Bible Summary Cards (see below), singing a song, and a simple recall activity such as “Tell a Bible story using this picture.” Interesting facts and ‘Get Active’ section help increase engagement and gets kids moving! The ‘Apply It’ section gives Bible verses and talking points to discuss a lesson we can learn from the story, such as fleeing temptation, trusting God, or serving God. Each lesson has a map or timeline activity to help correlate events and people to historical and geographical points. On the back of the lesson page, there is a step-by-step cartoon of the story with questions, discussion points, or writing and drawing activities to review what happened in the story.

bile study for all ages

Teacher’s Key

The Teacher’s Key has the full student page with the answers filled in as well as directions and additional instructions to further discussion or Bible reading.

Bible Study guide for all ages

The Product: The Large Bible Book Summary Cards

Each book of the Bible is represented on a large 8″ x 11″ card. On the back of each card, you’ll find a short summary of the entire book. This can be read and reviewed as much as needed. Also on the back is a list of questions that help spur memorization of the people, events, and significance of the Bible book. On the front of each card are pictorial representations of the summary information. These can also be used to prod recall.

Bible study for all ages

The Product: Wall Maps and Timeline Set

The Wall Maps and Timeline set is a great addition to really help the students see Bible events in a linear representation. You really need to have some major real estate on your wall because this is huge!The size of the time line is 76″ x 25″. My kids love it though.  As you progress through the guide, the students are able to pin the relevant person or event on the timeline with sticky tack and visually see its place in history.


Bible Study for all Ages

Bible Study guide for all ages


Also included are three maps, where we can label the different places we are talking about and visually see their correlation. The sizes of the three maps are 38″ x 25″, 19″ x 25″ and 19″ x 25″

Bible Study guide for all ages

My Opinion


The bible stories, maps, timelines, and summary cards are all presented in such a way that the students don’t get overwhelmed or bogged down with a lot of information.

Choice of Bible Version

This may not be a big deal for some, but it is to us. We are able to use our own Bibles.


We do what we have time for. We just pick up the next day where we left off.


Overall, we have all loved doing Bible Study Guide For All AgesIntermediate (3rd & 4th grade). We plan to continue to use it as our main Bible program throughout the next school year. Have you tried Bible Study Guide For All Ages? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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