Boo, Zoo, and a Pile of Dirt

Homeschool Highlights: Week of October 24, 2015



This week, we…

  • went hiking in the fall leaves with friends
  • discovered that the BEST playground is a pile of dirt
  • did multiplication and division problems with Legos
  • rescued damsels in distress (That’s what knights do!)
  • counted to 15
  • learned about different types of beaks
  • hunted for Bigfoot (and apparently renamed him ‘Phillip’ 🙂
  • sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Grandpa Mike and Uncle Mitch
  • started packing (We are temporarily moving back to Arizona!)



ZooKid Showing His Learning

We finished learning about birds this week, and I told ZooKid that he had to do a project displaying all the important things about birds that we learned. Given the choice to show his learning however he wanted, he chose…Legos! 🙂



Zoo With Friends

We LOVE the zoo! The Lego displays are only in town for one more week, and so we had to go just once more before the Lego animals and plants moved on. And of course, Zoo fun is amplified with friends, so we went with fellow homeschoolers Lincoln, Maverick, and Michelle. The new baby zebra and playful baby sea lions were adorable! Some of the Halloween leftovers from Boo At The Zoo were out like the Lego bats and spider and the giant eyes in the trees. 🙂 

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