The Brinkman Adventures, Season 4: A Review

Brinkman Adventures
Dear Homeschooler,Brinkman Adventures

We seem to be on-the-go a lot. There are many ways to fill the empty time in the car, but our favorite way is with audio books. One of our new favorites is The Brinkman Adventures, Season 4 by Brinkman Adventures.

The Brinkman Adventures, Season 4 follows the Brinkman family and their interactions with missionaries from around the world. We share in their experiences, learn of missionary stories, and see how God moves through all parts of our lives. Season 4 has 12 episodes. Each are 37 – 48 minutes each.

As the nature of some missionary stories do involve physical persecution, if the story treads near these sensitive topics, they provide a warning at the beginning of the track, advising parental judgement. I do not feel the way they approach these topics are inappropriate or gory, but some young audiences may find them upsetting.



I don’t want to give spoilers to the whole story. Without giving too much away, here’s a synopsis of disc one:

The Brinkman family heads to camp but plans are upturned when the lake drains through the broken dam and the key-note speaker is detained. Furthermore, the bridge leading to camp is destroyed, leaving the campers stranded. Making the most of a bad situation, campers team up and go on fun, biblical missions. As the teams are out in the forest, an unexpected tornado suddenly appears. With all the campers in the woods and an expectant Mom going into labor, they put their trust in God, and everyone ends up safe. The missionary speaker finally arrives and tells the story of Nhu, a Christian girl in Cambodia, whose grandmother sold her into slavery. Touched by her story and armed with a word of God to “Remember Nhu,” he spends years trying to find her. When he finally does, together they set up safe houses to help prevent this from happening to other children.

After camp, we meet an old missionary friend, and we learn the story of Aisha, whose abusive, cantankerous husband is diagnosed with cancer. God uses a missionary doctor to draw him to Himself and not only brings peace to him but also Aisha.  God strengthens her faith in the face of life-threatening adversity as she has to make a stand for her beliefs.

We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Brinkman Adventures, Season 4 as a family. Have you listened to any of The Brinkman Adventures Series? I’d love to hear about it below.

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Brinkman Adventures Season 4
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