Buccaneers, Bowling, and Mountain Lions

Homeschool Highlights: Week of September 12, 2015image

This week we…

  • went to a homeschooling event at the bowling alley
  • touched the skull of a mountain lion
  • turned frogs into princes (kinetic sand) 🙂
  • made some new homeschooling friends
  • created a skipjack
  • practiced math drills with math puzzles
  • swam in the big pool
  • wrote our very own ‘The Important Book’ (by Margaret Wise Brown)
  • received our Usborne books purchase in the mail (Christmas in September! 🙂 )
  • found hidden pictures in our new Shine-A-Light books from Usborne
  • visited Jamestown (A funny story…I woke up and found all of Princess Super Kitty’s fairies in the fort of Jamestown that ZooKid made. I guess Tinkerbell wanted to check out the first colony 🙂 )


Garden of the Gods Visiter’s Center

On the weekend, we went for a drive and ended up at the Garden of the Gods Visiter’s Center in Colorado Springs. We learned a lot about the local flora, fauna, and geology. We learned to identify scat and animal prints, felt a buffalo fur, felt the difference in texture and weight of rocks (which sparked ZooKid’s interest, and he has now asked to study and do a geology project),  and learned about mountain peaks (including the one I climbed last summer), habitats, and animals. We listened to a short demonstration about mountain lions, which was really interesting. Learning is everywhere!!


Talk Like A Pirate Day

We piratized our lessons on Friday for Talk Like A Pirate Day (a day early, I know). It was a GREAT day! We followed a lot of the suggestions in my Piratize Your Lessons post.  First, we figured out our  pirate names: ZooKid was Horrible Swash Buckler and Princess Super Kitty was Stinky Swash Buckler for the rest of the day. We learned how to talk like a pirate and, of course, dressed the part! Then we made  a pirate ship out of cardboard and labeled all the parts.

In literacy, we made a Pirate Dictionary, alphabetizing 20 words and writing definitions and drawing pictures for each one. We also read Peter Pan and found pirates in Spot 1001 Pirates. For science/history, we talked about navigating the seas and learned about and made a compass. Horrible Swash Buckler did pirate-themed math problems. Stinky Swash Buckler practiced counting out doubloons. For art, we made a spy glass, map, and Jolly Roger.  We also colored pirates pictures, did a pirate puzzle, and  completed a pirate sticker book.

After lunch, the kids went on a treasure hunt, which was by far my favorite activity of the day. We fought off other pirates, piranhas, and the Kraken, tip toed by the Admiral’s fleet and enticing mermaids, and crossed bridges over croc-infested waters. I succeeded in secretly burying the treasure and placing an ‘X’ on it in the sand unbeknownst to the little buccaneers, who were extremely excited to uncover chocolate doubloons. And tonight for family movie night, we are watching Muppet Treasure Island! Yo, ho, heave ho!




  1. How fun! A whole lotta learning and creative play going on! LOVE IT!

    The Talk Like a Pirate sounds fun..the pic of them is priceless!

    enjoy the week


  2. Awesome learning fun. We missed talk like a pirate day this year. I hope my kids don’t find out! There might be a mutiny at my house.
    Blessings, Dawn

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