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CampingDear Homeschooler,

Memorial Weekend is coming up. It’ s a perfect opportunity to incorporate some camping-themed fun to your learning.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a pretend (or real) fire. Sit around it and tell stories. You can even take turns telling different parts, creating conflicts and resolutions.
  • Write sight words on marshmallows.
  • Write math equations on fish and go fishing.
  • Sing camp songs.
  • Go to the library and get storybooks with camping themes.
  • Have students write a story about camping.
  • Camping crafts here or here.
  • Check out other ideas on my Camping Pinterest Board.

Bookshelf: Camping Link Up

Bookshelf is a series of subject-specific linkups. Teachers and homeschool bloggers are able to link up all related educational posts. This provides an easy reference for your school topics. Below is the camping-themed linkup.


If you have a camping-related post, be sure to link it above. Maybe you just did an camping-themed activity — upload a picture below!

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