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Captain Bayley's Heir
We love audio books. Whether we are traveling in the car, playing with Legos, or snuggled up on the couch with a blanket, the whole family enjoys escaping into worlds of adventure, comedy, and history. We have had the privilege of reviewing other products in The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series by Heirloom Audio Productions and have thoroughly enjoyed each one, so when we had the opportunity to review their newest production,  Captain Bayley’s Heir  we were thrilled. It is full of intrigue and adventure: a story we will listen to again and again.


The Story

The story follows young Frank from 19th century England to the wild backcountry of America. A kind-hearted scholar, Frank loved his life, studying at Westminster and living with his Uncle Harold but this life soon came to an end. Wrongly accused of theft and unable to see a way to clear his name, Frank flees England to make it on his own in America. Encountering both godly men and ruffians, Frank wrestles with his own unworthiness and eventually finds friends and a new hope in the opportunities of finding gold in California.

As Frank discovers what he’s made of in America, Captain Bayley’s backstory is revealed, and we learn of the loss of his only daughter many years before and the heartache and guilt he has had to live with. Through a series of events, he discovers that his daughter had a son before her passing. By finding and claiming his grandson, he is finally able to find some peace. Meanwhile, Frank encounters God’s amazing grace and finally submits to the love of God that saves all wretches like us. This dramatized audio book captivates the listener with a tremendous script, amazing sound effects, and  and an award-winning cast.

Captain Bayley's Heir


The Study Guide

The study guide

  • Author study: Learn more about G.A. Henty.
  • Listening Well: Gage your comprehension with these questions.
  • Thinking Further: Enhance your understanding of the story by digging into the whys and inferences in the text/story using these questions and discussion prompts.
  • Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary with targeted words from each track.
  • Bibliography for further reading and history study: Continue learning about 19th century England and the California Gold Rush.
  • Bible Study: God’s Grace
  • Bible Study: Becoming a Christian
  • Bible Study: Honoring Your Parents


Live the Adventure Club

Enhance your experience by joining the Live the Adventure Club which gives you access to great bonus material:

  • Stream the story online and listen to it anywhere. This is a great feature because of the flexibility it provides. It will also mark your place, so you don’t have to remember where you are.
  • Follow along with the script to boost comprehension and aid fluency.
  • Take chapter quizzes to test your comprehension.
  • Read Captain Bayley’s Heir Ebook
  • Listen to the soundtrack of Captain Bayley’s Heir.
  • Print the cast poster.
  • Extend your learning with the Study Guide & Discussion Starter
  • Print the inspirational hymn poster
  • Download wallpaper for your desktop


Captain Bayley’s Heir is well-dramaticized and so intriguing, you’ll not want to turn it off. We highly recommend any of  The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series.

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