WAY Comes Home Kit: A Review

Dear Homeschooler, Do  you teach a health class? I never have. We’ve discussed making healthy food choices and did team sports (That’s PE, right?), but I’ve never investing in a course dedicated to teaching students the importance of wellness and how to get there. That is why I was really…

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Our Read-Aloud Reading List 2016

Reading list 2016

Dear Homeschooler, I have especially fond memories of my childhood of my mother reading aloud to us. Whether you consider yourself a Charlotte Mason homeschooler or not, I don’t think I have to convince you of the value of reading to your children. I have, however, recently been convinced that…

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Our 2nd Grade Curriculum Choices


Dear Homeschooler, The new school year is here. It’s easy to just continue on with the same curriculum you have always used. Although I don’t personally recommend changing curricula every year, I do find it helpful to look at the curriculum other home educators have chosen to help me assess if my…

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