We Are Studying Ancient Cultures


Dear Homeschooler, I love teaching history. It’s one of those subjects where I can get super creative and have a lot of fun. Nothing is off limits: crafts, art, experiments, storybooks, cooking, sewing, cartography, etc. This year we are studying ancient cultures, using The Story of the World: History for…

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CHSH Download Club: A Review


Dear Homeschooler I am a resource-junkie! I love having books, information, curricula, unit studies, worksheets, etc. on every subject for those planned and spontaneous learning opportunities. That is why I jumped at the chance to review CHSH Download Club by CHSH-Teach.com.   The Product: CHSH Download Club The CHSH Download…

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Apologia Astronomy: A Review


Dear Homeschooler, Do you have a favorite science curriculum? I have been using the same one for a few years now, and I really like it, but I’ve seen the Apologia Exploring Creation science curricula at a Homeschool convention, and I’ve been very curious to check it out. That is why…

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WAY Comes Home Kit: A Review

Dear Homeschooler, Do  you teach a health class? I never have. We’ve discussed making healthy food choices and did team sports (That’s PE, right?), but I’ve never investing in a course dedicated to teaching students the importance of wellness and how to get there. That is why I was really…

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