School Supply List

school supply list

Dear Homeschooler,  There are two kinds of back-to-school purchasers: those who spend hours in the back-to-school aisles loving every minute, and those who spend hours in the back-to-school aisles hating every minute. I confess, I am the former. I love deliberating over pencils options and notebook colors.  🙂 I also know…

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First Day of School Revelations

first day back to school revelations

Dear Homeschooler, Today was our official first day back to school. We are not all-year homeschoolers, so the first day back is milestone material for us. As always, the first day comes with some revelations: My kids are getting BIG. I’m sure all parents experience the same ‘smack in the…

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Launch Friday: Ed Emberley Art Pack

launch friday

Dear Homeschooler,  Welcome to Launch Friday!!!! I am so excited to be officially joining the online homeschooling community. This week promises to be a fun way to get to know each other and get some free stuff! I tried to make sure there was something for most ages/levels. Most of…

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