Kingdom Files: A Review

Kingdom Files

    Dear Homeschooler, I am always looking for books for my kids to read that not only have substance but also is engaging and fun. That is why I was excited for the opportunity to review The Kingdom Files by Matt Koceich and published by Barbour Publishing. The Kingdom…

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Smart Kids Media: A Review

smart kidz radio

  Dear Homeschooler, Listening to the radio can be tricky with kids.  I’m thinking specifically about music like KidzBop that have kids singing popular songs. Now, some of these songs aren’t bad, but the biggest issue I have with them is this: Kids are singing about adult situations. Why are…

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Bible Study Guide For All Ages: A Review

Bible study guide for all ages

Dear Homeschooler, Do you incorporate a Bible program into your school day? We have been just reading the Bible together (which is always good!), but lately I have been thinking to incorporate a simple Bible program to increase the engagement of my students. That is why I was very happy for…

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