Smart Kids Media: A Review

smart kidz radio

  Dear Homeschooler, Listening to the radio can be tricky with kids.  I’m thinking specifically about music like KidzBop that have kids singing popular songs. Now, some of these songs aren’t bad, but the biggest issue I have with them is this: Kids are singing about adult situations. Why are…

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Bible Study Guide For All Ages: A Review

Bible study guide for all ages

Dear Homeschooler, Do you incorporate a Bible program into your school day? We have been just reading the Bible together (which is always good!), but lately I have been thinking to incorporate a simple Bible program to increase the engagement of my students. That is why I was very happy for…

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A Review: ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

ARTistic Pursuit's Art of the Middle Ages

  Dear Homeschooler, We can’t be expert teachers in all academic areas, right?  I admit that I am not an art teacher. I mean, I  am fine with arts and crafts, but I need guidance when teaching actual art techniques and styles. A while ago, I did a review of…

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Review: Ed Emberley’s FunPrint


Update: Dear Homeschooler, Here is an older post that demonstrates the wonderfulness that is Ed Emberley. This is a great summer activity! Try taking it outside!   Overview: This book is a combination of two books (Fingerprint Drawing Book and Great Thumbprint Drawing Book) which uses thumb and finger prints made…

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Weigl Publishers: A Review

Wiegl Publishers

Dear Homeschooler, Books! We love them! We always leave the library with BAGS full of stories, handfuls of non-fiction texts, graphic novels, readers, and audiobooks. My kids can almost always count on a spontaneous purchase at the bookstore. That is why I was so pleased for the opportunity to review…

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Zirrly: A Review


 Dear Homeschooler,  I am always looking for new crafts and activities for my kids to do. I want something that builds new skills and fosters creativity but is also something they can do on their own or with just a little instruction. I like it when they fill at least…

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