Spelling In Pictures

spelling in pictures

Dear Homeschooler, Here’s another fun way to spruce up spelling drills! I take a black sharpie and draw a simple picture on a white piece of paper. So simple, yet so effective! ZooKid LOVES choosing what picture he wants to spell in.  Here’s some tips for creating pictures to spell in: Incorporate high-interest…

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Olivia: High Interest Learning


Dear Homeschooler,  Here are some links to create an Olivia-themed learning unit. Free Resources Official Website: http://www.oliviathepiglet.com Olivia free tv episodes here. “O” is for Olivia.  Maze. Here. Draw with Olivia. What are you thankful for? Here. Olivia Match. Find the odd one out. Here. Olivia Word Search. Here.  Olivia…

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