September Travels to Canada

september 2018

  Dear Homeschooler, September was an exciting month for us. We spend the majority of the month in western Canada with family and friends to be a part of the wedding of my brother-in-law. We brought modified lessons with us as we didn’t want to bring lots of books on…

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Picta Dicta Natural World: A Review

Picta Dicta

Dear Homeschooler, We know there a vast selection of teaching methods. In fact, countless posts and websites are completely devoted to this subject, and while some of us stick closely to one particular teaching method, I find that most of us are fairly eclectic and use a conglomeration of methods. I…

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Interview with a Shark

Interview with a Shark Th

Dear Homeschooler, It’s Shark Week! As you watch endless documentaries and learn more about sharks, direct your learning by ‘interviewing a shark’ and write/draw some of the facts you gather. This simple graphic organizer is fun, and not too intensive for summer learning!   Download Interview with a Shark   Other Resources Check…

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