First 7 Giveaway: Drawing Art Pack

drawing art pack

  Giveaway This month’s First 7 Giveaway is a collection of books to help your student learn how to draw. Start tracing and drawing with the Learn to Draw Series, then graduate to the more challenging How To Draw Series. The Drawing Art Pack includes the following: Learn to Draw:…

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October’s First 7 Giveaway: Elementary Science Books

october first 7 giveaway

October’s First 7 Giveaway Know-It-Alls: Wolves Know-It-Alls: Dinosaurs Know-It-Alls: Butterflies Know-It-Alls: Safari Babies Know-It-Alls: Farm Animals Know-It-Alls: Sharks Know-It-Alls: Wild Cats! Know-It-Alls: Puppies This is a great little series of books that I use in my own homeschool. My preschooler uses them for science (See A Simple Way to Teach Preschool…

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