Christmas Comes to America: A Review


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I was shopping in Target the other day and guess what I saw … Christmas trees, Christmas bows, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, etc. There is no denying that Christmas is fast approaching. With that in mind, I was grateful for the opportunity to review Homeschool Legacy’s Christmas Comes to America: A Once-A-Week Unity Study as a way to incorporate some holiday joy into our learning.

The Product: Christmas Comes to America

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}
Christmas Comes to America is a complete four-week unit study, completing targeted activities only once-a-week. It is a Biblically centered program to help students grades 2 through 12 learn about the history of (and true meaning of) Christmas. This curriculum doesn’t just focus on history but also incorporates a wide variety of subjects, including Literacy, Geography, Science, Arts & Crafts, Art and Music Appreciation, and Life Skills, making it very well-rounded. Field trips and family game and movie nights are suggested as a way to incorporate the whole family and apply the week’s lessons.

Another awesome feature of this unit study is that by completing Christmas Comes to America, merit badges can earned. Boy Scouts can fulfill the requirements for their Music Merit Badge, and American Heritage Girls can fulfill the requirements for their Music Appreciation Badge.

All the planning has been done for you. Once you have retrieved your book, video, and music selections from the library and have collected all the necessary supplies for the activities, you really don’t have the think about the planning again. Even a suggested schedule is included:

Christmas scheduleOnce-A-Week Unit Study

Christmas Comes to America provides all the information you need to teach your students the historical and cultural significance of Christmas.

Christmas T of C

Each week includes a variety of the following activities:

  • Daily Reading (both independent reading and family read aloud)
  • Once-A-Week Family Devotional
  • Once-A-Week History/Geography activity
  • Once-A-Week Language activity
  • Once-A-Week Traditions/Cultures activity
  • Once-A-Week Life Skills/Gift Giving activity
  • Once-A-Week Music activity
  • Once-A-Week Research/Field Trip and/or Family Game or Movie Night
  • Once-A-Week Fun/Science

Each week does not have the exact same outline: Each week’s activities are chosen specifically to demonstrate the major historical and cultural points in the reading. Further ideas on how to customize and expand your Christmas learning can be found in the back of the packet.


My Opinion

Ready To Go

No planning. Just get the books from the library and ensure you have the materials for the activities. The rest is done for you!

Earning Badges

I think that Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls simultaneously learning and earning badges is awesome!


My kids can sometimes get distracted from their studies close to the holidays, so using their interest in Christmas to help spur learning and keep them focused during this time is awesome!

Reinforcing Family

I love how the whole family is included during family game and movie nights. So much fun!



Have you used Homeschool Legacy’s Christmas Comes to America: A Once-A-Week Unit Study? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below or upload a picture.

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving-themed study for November, Homeschool Legacy also offers Thanksgiving With The Pilgrims: A Once-A-Week Micro-Study. Give it a try!

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