CHSH Download Club: A Review

Dear Homeschooler

I am a resource-junkie! I love having books, information, curricula, unit studies, worksheets, etc. on every subject for those planned and spontaneous learning opportunities. That is why I jumped at the chance to review CHSH Download Club by


The Product: CHSH Download Club

The CHSH Download Club provides a wealth of resources for all grades from preschool through high school in many subjects:

  • Bible: Memorization, flash cards, Notebooking, Puzzles, Copywork, etc.
  • Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, and ASL
  • Arts, Music, and Crafts: Instruction and Resources
  • Language Arts: Literacy Instruction, Spelling, Writing, Grammar, and English
  • Math: Visual Aids, Posters, Concept-specific Worksheets, Full Curriculum
  • Science: Covers a broad scope of topics
  • Social Studies: Geography, History, Government, Time Periods, Economics, Civilizations, and People
  • Health: Body Systems and General and Dental Curricula
  • Electives: Architecture, Character Studies, Jewish Studies, Social Issues and Safety


Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}
Check out the catalog here.

You can search for material by subject, grade, month, organizational and classroom helps, and by fun pages, lapbooks and notebooks. There is also a section to search materials from 1800s – early 1900s, such as readers, books, and other texts.  If you are looking for a specific topic or concept, you can search by category, topic, or keyword.


Membership V.S. Download Club

Membership to the Christian Homeschool Hub (CHSH) is free. With it, you have access to the newsletter, forums, and blogs. You can join a group and participate in the chat rooms and have access to Daily Devotions and homeschool laws. You can download and print all material found under the FREEBIES tab. As a subscriber to the Download club, you have access to all member benefits plus all 50,000 pages of downloadable material.


What We Did

Spelling: Kindergarten and Grade 2

I printed out a 4 week spelling packet for both my kindergartener and my second grader. These turned out to be really fun! Activities for my kindergartener included tracing and writing, color by word, one-lined and full word searches, sound sorting, and initial word sounds, to name a few. Her first spelling words were we, us, if, see, we, and am. My second grader did worksheets with fill-in-the-vowels, copying and writing, word searches, distinguishing syllables, recognizing incorrect spellings, etc. Some of his first words were rectangle, autumn, know, blew, unless, way, cheered, and change.

Word Families

My kindergartener is learning to read. She is so excited! I have found that some extra activities centered around word families is helpful at this stage. I was able to find and download whole packets on word families and have them ready. When we have an extra few minutes, we pull out a worksheet. My daughter loves them!

Word family


Johnny Appleseed Mini Unit

As fall is upon us, I was inspired to do a mini unit study on Johnny Appleseed. There were multiple files that I was able to download and print out, enabling me to start right away. The kids watched a couple story videos on YouTube and listened to an audio story. Then they wrote down what they learned in the apple books I had ready printed out. My second grader had other Johnny Appleseed-themed worksheets on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. For fun, we made paint, used apple-stamps, and planned a trip to the apple orchard.


My Opinion

Print and Go

Everything is ready to go. I find what I’m looking for, download it, print it, and I’m ready to teach it right away.


I love the variety of material that CHSH Download Club offers. So far, they have had at least one download for any topic I’ve search for.


Just looking through what is available, I’ve been inspired to add a topic or unit study to our lessons.


Are you a subscriber to the CHSH Download Club? How have you used the downloadables? I’d love to hear about it below. If you aren’t already a subscriber, check out these freebies to preview their awesome material.

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Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}

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