CTCMath: A Review

Dear Homeschooler,

Let’s chat about math. Some students love math. And others hate it. Sometimes, we have to find activities that will challenge our students, and other times we need a resource that will help support a struggling learner. Either way, I have found that CTCMath is a great resource for any homeschool to have. We were very excited to have the opportunity to review the Family Membership and include it in our weekly schedule. You can try it, too, because right now CTCMath is 60% off plus you get 6 bonus months. If you want to check it out first, click here to start your free trial.


CTCMath is a fun, online program that engages students with easy to understand videos, short lessons, and interactive tasks. With a plethora of targeted lessons in every grade, they will support almost every mathematical topic from kindergarten through High School. You may be especially thankful when your high schooler needs helps understanding an algebraic function.

The Student Dashboard

When the student logs in, they are directed to their personal dashboard. Here they have access to all the available lessons. The are able to see which lessons they have completed and what their grade it for that lesson. They can also rate their understanding of the lesson, so the teacher or parent can monitor their learning.

CTC Math

Students can also see the list of tasks their teacher or parent has planned for them. They are able see their progress, test results, and grades as well as other statistics to assess their own progress. They are rewarded with platinum, gold, silver, and bronze ribbons according to their lesson results.

Student dashboards can also be personalize with custom color schemes.CTC math

The Parent Dashboard

In the parent dashboard you see the following items:

  • List of students
  • How many lessons each student has completed and their grade
  • Access to student log in and profiles
  • A running list of student activities, graded and time-stamped
  • A running list of award each student has earned
  • Weekly reports
  • Ability to assign tasks, lessons, and tests to students
  • A tool to browse lessons
  • A tool to export data on the curriculum, student activity, etc.
  • A checklist of all the lessons in each grade level and upper level class

You will find all you need in one place in the dashboard. Also, weekly reports are emailed to you.


My Opinion

Both my third grader and first grader both used CTCMath to support the concepts they were learning in their math curricula. They really enjoyed being on the computer, and I enjoyed the fact that they were practicing their math skills.


Independent Work Skills

I think independent work skills are very important. CTC Math’s simple interface allows kids to self-monitor not only their lessons but also their progress and understanding.

Fresh Perspective

As homeschoolers, sometimes we need another person to explain a concept a different way for our students to get it. CTC Math does just this.

Student Progress

Allows parents and teachers to monitor student progress through diagnostic tests, speed drills, task assignment, student activity logs, and weekly student progress emails.


My kids love CTCMath. They ask almost every day when it’s CTCMath time. Have you tried CTCMath? Did you use it as your main math program or as a supplemental resource?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below?

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