Daily Routine & Weekly Chore Chart

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Do your kids do chores? Or need a little direction when getting around in the morning or when getting ready for bed? Yes on both counts for mine. As my kids get older, I keep trying to find ways of making them more independent with their responsibilities. I have made many chore charts for my kids over the years, but as our family needs change, I have found I need to adapt their charts as well. This is the latest one I have made for my second grader.


Chore Chart


I put it in a clear sheet protector and put it on the fridge. Now, instead of having to remind him constantly what each of his chores are or each step of ‘getting ready’ for the day or morning, I just instruct him: ‘Do your Morning Routine’ or ‘Do your Family Chores.” As he completes each task, he crosses it off with a dry erase marker. He is becoming more independent with his responsibilities, and I don’t have to remind him a million times to do each task. Win – Win!

Find my other chore charts here.

Free Download

Chore ChartClick here to download a free copy of the Daily Routine and Weekly Chore Chart. 

Click here to download an blank copy that you can customize for your own family.



How do you organize your kid’s chores? I’d love to see it. Comment below or upload a picture.

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  1. We recently started a bank book. The kids earn a certain amount of fake “money” for different chores and then can spend their money at the “store”.

    • I love that idea! I have recently opened a bank account for each of my kids, and I was wondering how to track their deposits and withdrawals since we bank at an online bank. I think I will make little bank books, too!

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