Dear Jennifer

photo_32501_20140705At some point or another, learning comes to a screeching halt as we butt against that one concept we can’t seem to hurdle. Are you having trouble figuring out a different way to help your student master that elusive concept?

Let’s problem-solve together!

Write me by filling out this form, telling me about your student and the specific issue, so we may strategize a solution together. This form is designed specifically for home support. For general inquiries, contact me here.


At what grade/level is your child?

What are your student's strengths? For example: excels in math, loves to draw, can verbalize lessons for peers, etc.

What are some of challenges your student faces? For example: has a hard time with pencil grip, hates math, has attention issues, etc.

What are your student's interests? For example: dogs, sports, green, Disney, super heros, princesses, etc.

Tell me the specific task your student is having difficulty with:

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