December’s First 7 Giveaway: Christmas Family Activity Pack!


Looking for a way to keep the kids busy during the holidays? Or perhaps, you need an awesome gift for a niece or grandson? This month’s First 7 Giveaway was chosen around great family activities that don’t involve a screen.


December’s First 7 Giveaway Includes 15 Books:

  • Card Games: Step-by-step instructions for super-fun card games
  • Make And Create Spoon Animals and Pen Toppers
  • Mosaic Coloring Fun: Patterns & Other Cool Stuff
  • Paper Dinosaurs: Learn how to fold and make prehistoric dinosaurs!
  • Balloon Modeling: Step-by-step instructions to create amazing balloon models
  • Mosaic Coloring Fun: Space & Other Cool Stuff
  • How To Juggle: Step-by-step instructions to master the art of juggling!
  • Paper Fliers: Learn how to fold fantastic paper fliers
  • Make and Create Glass Painting and Funky Fabrics
  • Paper Tricks: Learn how to fold and make fantastic paper tricks!
  • Mosaic Coloring Fun: Animals & Other Cool Stuff
  • Yo-Yo: Step-by-step instructions to master super cool yo-yo tricks!
  • Make and Create Clay Modeling and Papier Mache 
  • Paper Party: Learn how to fold and make great party props
  • Mosaic Coloring Fun: Machines & Other Cool Stuff


Fun Ways to Use These Books

  • Have a contest for best creation
  • Put on a talent show
  • Have a race with the paper jumping frog or other creations
  • Use the Mosaic books as patterns for pealer beads
  • See whose flier can go the farthest
  • Put on a puppet play or show using balloon animals, paper dinosaurs, or animal toppers
  • Throw a great party


Discussion image

Let’s talk Christmas. Do you incorporate Christmas activities into your school day? If so, what do you do? Do you theme-up worksheets, add holiday crafts, or incorporate Christmas history or world traditions? Comment or upload pictures below! πŸ™‚

Browse Christmas-themed activities here. If you are a blogger, link up your Christmas-themed activities here.  


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As always, the giveaway will be open for the first 7 days of the month (December 1 at 12:00 AM till December 7 at 11:59 PM). Please take note of the entry options because some are mandatory (participation in the discussion below, β€˜Like’ me on Facebook, and subscribe to the newsletter –last two can be found on the right sidebar) and some entries you can fill out every day! Remember, if you are already following Dear Homeschooler, go ahead and take the entry points!! πŸ™‚



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  1. Perfect for my daughters who love to do crafts, but don’t have a crafty mom. We like to do all kinds of seasonal crafts.

  2. The kids and I love love love doing crafts. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  3. We try to incorporate world traditions including crafts and baking any time we can fit it in. My daughter decides on a few countries she would like to learn more about in the beginning of November and we concentrate on those.

  4. This year we are doing a Lego Jesse Tree Challenge where each day you read scripture, make a Lego creation related to the scripture and hang a matching ornament. We got ours from The Proverbial Homemaker.

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  6. We do crafts and talk about traditions around the world.

  7. This year, my family is inviting all of my extended family around the world.

  8. looks cute! we do an advent book calendar and 12 days of christmas ornament devotional.

  9. These would be useful

  10. My daughter and I are craft addicts! Every Holiday we make our own decorations and fill up her bedroom window with them. I’m sure we would have so much fun going though these books. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  11. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    This would be great with my kids – thanks

  12. This selection has something for the whole family to be involved with.

  13. Wow! What a fun and exciting giveaway! My daughter would adore this set of goodies. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway. Yes, we incorporate Christmas activities into our day. We add in Advent activities and Christmas crafts every night in December.

  14. Thanks for the great giveaway. We read an advent book and do other related activities.

  15. The children love doing lots of different crafts. We would love a chance to try out these different books. Thanks for the great giveaway

  16. what a great package to keep little ones busy

  17. My youngest two are always at the table creating, crafting, etc so this would be great for them!

  18. This would be perfect for my kids to have with my upcoming surgery. Thanks for the chance!

  19. This would be great for my Daughter

  20. These look so fun!

  21. Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway!!!

  22. my niece & nephew loves games and crafts

  23. So many great ideas on your site. Thanks for the giveaway

  24. Wow… lots of cool things to check out in this package. we’ve made some crafts this season already. πŸ™‚

  25. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! I am looking forward to receiving your posts.

  26. I incorporate Christmas in my schooling by adding themed worksheets, various crafts like gingerbread houses, advent wreaths and Christmas related reading materials.

  27. We always make Christmas ornaments for our tree. We have a Jesse tree and do the daily readings for the month of December.

  28. My nieces and nephews would love this package! I’d really enjoy the card games book – I need to learn some new ones!

  29. We do different things each year during December that incorporate Christmas into our schooling. Some years we do a special unit study on Christmas, some years we focus on really reaching out to others during the month. I love reading books about Christmas around the world to the children and of course watch a few christian videos.
    Thank you for a chance to enter this giveaway.

  30. This looks so amazing!!

  31. I would love this for my niece!

  32. We are doing a christmas around the world unit

  33. We don’t actually do a lot of Christmas in our work, although we do a load of Christmas crafts. I was thinking that it would be lovely to do a 12 day advent calendar of stories though.

  34. This is such a great giveaway

  35. I have five grandchildren that I come up with things for them to do every time an occasion comes up. This Thanksgiving I made a shopping list for each child and they needed to find the items that I displayed on the book shelves. One particular item had a number and this number dictates the covered surprise they won. They had a choice to keep it or trade it. Since my grandchildren are little I had printed small pictures of the items they needed to retrieve. So much fun and not so happy faces when they traded their gifts away. With these prizes I could do wonders with much needed activities and make this grandma’s job easier.

  36. My kids would like so many of these, especially the origami dinosaur. These would be great to do at Grandma’s house too!

  37. We love doing crafty things, so this would be amazing! Crafting on a strict budget is not easy πŸ™

    • Staying within a budget isn’t easy. Glancing through these books, I think a lot of the supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Store. πŸ™‚

  38. My granddaughters love doing crafts and would enjoy all of these

  39. These would be so nice for my time with my granddaughter, we love doing things together

  40. My daughter is growing up to be a crafter! She’s always looking for new ideas of things for us to make!

  41. We make Christmas tree ornaments, cards, and crafts. Nothing fancy. These books look like so much fun. I could use a dose of inspiration! πŸ™‚

  42. My youngest daughter loves making crafty things. These books would be great fun, especially if we get snowed in again this winter.

  43. This year, we’re doing “Advent in Narnia” each evening, and an activity (recipe, craft, gift-making, etc.) each day in homeschool. So thrilled it’s December! πŸ™‚

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