Dentists, Lions, and Books, Oh My!

Homeschool Highlights: Week of August 17th, 2015



  • were attacked by a pirate!
  • spelled our name in play-doh.
  • had a successful trip to the dentist.
  • bought a guitar and had our first guitar lesson.
  • learned the difference between girl and boy lions.
  • spelled words on a shark!
  • got new Usborne books (Stay tuned for review and Facebook Party!).
  • made an awesome R2D2.
  • learned to draw an octopus.
  • made a new sensory bucket.
  • learned about the woodlands, arctic, and Antarctica.
  • completed an ocean diorama.
  • practiced our patterning skills.
  • learned about the explorers Vespucci, Cabot, and Balboa.
  • made delicious pizza.




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  1. Looks like a great weeks! I love Usborne books, looks like you do too! 🙂

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