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Doctor Aviation
Dear Homeschooler,

My husband has always been interested in aviation. He tells stories of his youth of his attempt to build his own aircraft, carefully measuring and crafting pieces out of plywood. I even believe at one point in high school he was aiming to become an aeronautical engineer. Although his choices ultimately have steered him away from that profession, his love for the trade has not diminished. A few months ago, he was telling me that his interest in learning to fly a plane has never waned and that he still wants to pursue it at some point. So, when the opportunity came along to review Doctor Aviation, an online aviation course, I signed him up. He was excited to go through the material with our 8-year-old son and learn more about his childhood passion together.


The Product

Doctor Aviation is a 15 session course that you can complete at your convenience. The extensive aviation experience of the creator, also known as Doctor Aviation, is evident in his lectures, which are informative, knowledgable, and organized. The lesson is presented as combination of video and Powerpoint approximately 40-60 minutes long.

Doctor Aviation

Each lesson is broken down into three main categories:

  • Technical Trivia: You will delve into the details of a system or aeronautical topic.
  • Notable Innovators: You will study those who have influenced the aeronautical field.
  • Legendary Aircraft and Events: Here you will talk about the mechanics of particular machines and historical milestones in the field.

Additional resources are also included with each lesson: To Learn More contains a bibliography of resources as well as suggestions on how to extend the lesson with projects and activities. Guided Notes contains lesson objectives as well as a lesson outline where the student can fill-in-the-blanks as they listen to the lecture.

The cost is $99 per semester subscription; however, it is important to note that 70% of the revenues is donated to help America’s youth.

Our Opinion

My husband and 8-year-old son sat down together after supper and went through lessons together. My husband was enthralled with the quality of information and enjoyed the platform of teaching. My son, however, was bored. Whether this is because he didn’t respond to the lecture-based teaching style or he hasn’t cultivated a love for aviation like my husband had at a young age, the lessons couldn’t hold his attention. So, from our experience, this is a great product for older students and adults (or even perhaps those younger students who have a true obsession with the field) to learn about aviation from the comfort of their home in their own timeframe. The one feature we thought was missing was video controls (rewind, fast forward, etc.). If the lesson was interrupted or he just couldn’t finish it, when he logged back in, the video would automatically restart from the beginning, and he had no way to skip over the part of the video he had already watched. Overall, my husband thought this was a quality product and is looking forward to finishing all 15 sessions.


Have you tried Doctor Aviation? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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