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Wouldn’t you love to take a trip around the world? I would! I love to travel, but I don’t get to travel as much as I would like to. I’d love to have the money to take homeschooling on the road (and in the air 🙂 ) and have a chance to see all the places we study first hand, but since I’m not independently wealthy, we have to use our imaginations, which isn’t so bad.

I made my children passports (see link below) and every two weeks we would ‘travel’ to a new country. We would go to the library and get all the books and movies we could find on that country and just immerse ourselves in their history and culture. The books we got really determined what specific information we gleaned. I wanted an outline to guide what we learned everyday, so I created the following template.

two week country templatep1


We were flexible. Sometime the books we got had great information about one topic but not another. Some things interested my students more than others. We would spend more time on these topics. In short, we just had a lot of fun!


Free Download: Elementary World Cultures

two week country templatep1

Download this two week templatehere. Use it as a guideline to study any country that interests you! These are just ideas to get you started. If your student is younger, pick one point to learn about each day. If your student is older, have them study all the points. If you are teaching more than one grade level, everyone can study the same country (so, only one trip to the library) but you can tailor project expectations to each student. Be flexible. Let their interests guide their learning.


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History of each country (plus literature, art, projects, architecture, daily life, etc.): http://www.historyforkids.org


I’d love to see your trip around the world. Upload a picture below!


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