Field Trip Friday: Tellus Science Museum

Dear Homeschooler,

This Friday we went with our Field Trip Buddies to the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Ga. We had a blast. We…

  • Panned for gems
  • Touched Dinosaur poop
  • Saw old cars and a flyer we’ve been studying in our Inventor’s lapbook
  • Saw the skeleton of a mosasaur (Zookid’s favorite dinosaur)
  • Touched a mosasaur tooth
  • Compared space rockets
  • Became a paleontologist and dug for dinosaur bones
  • Explored the Periodic Table of Minerals
  • Had a fun picnic in the pavilion

The Robot ZooThe Robot Zoo

One of our favorite exhibits was The Robot Zoo. Having bought the book a year or two ago, we were ecstatic to see the some of the robot animals built out. They also had some hands on activities where you could investigate how a fly’s feet stick to things or manipulate different mechanized animals skills like the eyes or tongue of a chameleon.


Happy Friday FunDay!


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  1. What a fun time! So glad that we can be a part of your Field trip Friday!

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