First Day of School Revelations

Dear Homeschooler,

Today was our official first day back to school. We are not all-year homeschoolers, so the first day back is milestone material for us. As always, the first day comes with some revelations:

  1. imageMy kids are getting BIG. I’m sure all parents experience the same ‘smack in the face,’ when, for one reason or other, they stop and notice the growth of their kids. I know I, for one, get wrapped up in the day-to-day, and weeks may go by until I realize that my baby is not a baby — not even a toddler — but a girl. And my son is big enough to be extremely helpful around the house. Today was one of those days. *tear* In case you are wondering,  the signs were a free download. I bought two frames from the dollar store, hot glued colorful popsicle sticks to it, and decorated it with felt stickers. I feel so crafty! 🙂
  2. My idea to print-as-I-go was a no-go! A lot of the curriculum I am doing this year has supplemental lap books, notebooks, coloring books, workbooks, etc. The thought of printing hundreds of pages at once was a little daunting (truthfully, I somehow deceived myself into thinking that it wouldn’t use as much ink — at least it wouldn’t SEEM like it, right? Not really….) Anyway, there was a couple of times I didn’t have the pages I needed and had to run to the computer. Needless to say, you know what I did all afternoon.
  3. My year-end curriculum goals have been modified. Some curriculum will map out as I planned, but already on day one I know others need adjusting.  The main one being History. We are doing TruthQuest: American History for Young Learners 1. We should have finished Leif Erikson today, but we only read and discussed one book. I have two more books, plus note booking, workbook, timeline, and 3D map. I personally would rather delve into a topic a little more in-depth and learn fewer topics than just get an overview of many topics. So, we will work our way through the curriculum and get as far as we can. We’ll just continue next year, if need be. (Note: the TruthQuest curriculum advocates NOT trying to do everything, so it was my own compulsive need to do everything that needed adjusting. )
  4. Having the kids help out with the household responsibilities and be more independent with their hygiene, etc. has been a life-saver. I will be the first to admit that the first thing that goes when I get busy is the housework. It’s just not my favorite. With that ‘extra time’ I was able to manage everything that needed to get done without getting frazzled or worry that I wasn’t able to complete everything because most everything got done. (Did I mention my kids were getting big?) 

Did you start back to school? I would love to see first day photos. Comment and upload below. 

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