First Form Greek Complete Set: A Review

First Form Greek

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What kind of homeschooler are you? I recently took one of those online quizzes to see what my homeschool style is. It wasn’t any surprise that my results were “Eclectic” with leanings toward Classical and Unit Studies. I think it is important to teach with structure in a way that works for each student, incorporating interest-led and student-directed topics while challenging students beyond their comfort level to provide a well-rounded education and adaptable learning style. YEP — I’d say that is very eclectic!

I like a lot of aspects of Classical learning, but I could never commit 100% as it doesn’t provide enough flexibility for our schooling needs. As a linguistics major, I am especially drawn to ancient languages, so I was extremely excited for the opportunity to review the First Form Greek Complete Set by Memoria Press.


The Product: First Form Greek Complete SetFirst Form Greek

First Form Greek Complete Set comes with everything you need to jump right into learning Greek:

  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Workbook
  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Teacher’s Manual
  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Quizzes and Tests
  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Teacher Ke
  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Student Text
  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Instructional DVD
  • First Form Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek Audio CD Lessons 1-26
  • First Form Greek: Flash Cards


This curriculum is aimed for students in 7-12 grades and is recommended to take after completing a couple of years of Latin as Greek is harder to learn. It has 26 lessons plus unit introductions and reviews, teaching at a pace of approximately 1 lesson per week (but you can, of course, adapt to your student’s learning pace). If you, the teacher, do not know any Greek at all, don’t be intimidated — You can still teach this program! The teacher’s manual has the lesson, the work, reviews, drills, and quizzes all planned out!

 First Form Greek Teacher's Manual


The teaching style of First Form Greek is, obviously, classical. So, there is a heavy emphasis on memorizing and recitation. Greek forms, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax is presented in many different ways to help the student really grasp the material:

  • DVD instruction
  • Reading the lesson in the Student Text
  • Listening to the lesson on audio CD
  • Writing out the material in the Student Workbook
  • Oral drills
  • Hands on games

Other Aids


Make reviews more fun and engaging by playing games, such as Gladiators, Board Races, Greek Dictionary, Vocabulary/Forms Bee, Greek Jeopardy, and Greek Millionaire.

Audio CD

The audio CD of the lessons was very helpful for learning-on-the-go. The student can follow along in their Student Text or just listen.


Easy reference for everyday Greek phrases, numbers, prayers, sayings, Map of Ancient Greece, verb conjugations and tenses, noun declensions, oral drills, and vocabulary.


My Opinion

My children are currently too young for First Form Greek Complete Set, so I have been teaching it to myself, and I am having so much fun! Learning other languages can be pretty intense because their structure and phonetics are so different, but I thought this program used multiple teaching mediums and repetition effectively to build confidence and competence. I will definitely be hanging on to this curriculum for future middle school classes.


Have you tried the First Form Greek Complete Set or any of the other language programs for Memoria Press? I’d love to hear about it. Comment or upload a picture below!

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First Form Greek, Iliad/Odyssey and American History {Memoria Press Reviews}

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