Our First Month of School

August 2016

Dear Homeschooler,

Our first month of school was a busy one. We started on August 7th with one first grader (Princess Super Kitty) and one third grader (ZooKid). For the first time, we are taking some elective classes at a once-a-week homeschool program at the First Baptist Church. ZooKid is taking Lego Simple Machines and Choi Kwang Do, and Princess Super Kitty is taking Storybook Cooking and Ballet/Tumble. On top of these, we are currently doing soccer and swimming lessons and adding a splash of Field Trips to make it fun.

This month, we…

  • Searched for swamp animals at the Fernbank Science Center
  • Gained some soccer skills
  • Learned about atoms and isotopes
  • Experienced a solar eclipse, observing within the path of totality
  • Discovered mammoths and mastodons at the Fernbank Natural History Museum
  • Hiked
  • Learned about inventors
  • Used Legos to learn about Chemistry
  • Went fishing
  • Started the penny whistle
  • Read “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

Photo Gallery


Current Read Alouds:

  • “The Trumpet of the Swan” by E.B. White
  • “The Sassafrass Science Adventures: Zoology” by Johnny Congo and Paige Hudson
  • “The Lightning Theif” by Rick Riordan

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