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Forbrain Sound for Life LTD
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Forbrain Sound for Life LTD
We’ve all had those days when our kids can’t seem to sit still for any length of time and can’t focus on anything we put in front of them. These random days don’t happen that often for us, thank goodness! However, sometimes kids — including mine — show a pattern of distracted behavior. There are many reasons for this, and many ways to address it. I typically see this in my kids when a task or subject is especially challenging; I have tried to support their learning with increased support, reinforcement systems, arranging an especially fun activity for right after the hard task, and eliminating other distractions (sometimes by removing them or blocking them out with music, etc.).  My first grader is learning to read and as the words get harder and the passages get longer, she is taking 2-3 times longer to read a story than it should. She is not struggling to decode words, but she is having a really hard time focusing her mind and body to read. That is why I was very excited to review Forbrain by Sound for Life LTD.

Forbrain is a specialized headset for both adults and children (including those with special needs and speech and memory issues) to help increase their ability to concentrate and keep their attention focused, to improve their speech fluency and quality, and improve their working and short-term memory. Basically, the headset transmits the sound of your own voice to your brain quicker and with more clarity through bone conduction focusing on certain frequencies  and allowing you to hear exactly what you say and how you say it for better understanding and self-correction. To read more about the science behind Forbrain, read here.


 Interview With A First Grader

We started using Forbrain for short periods of time during our homeschool day, particularly during those times where my daughter had a hard time concentrating. After many weeks, these are her thoughts on Forbrain:


Do you like wearing this head set?



Because it was really fun. It makes me talk to myself and sing to myself. It’s like headphones. 

You wear it when you read your literacy book. Does it help you?

Yes. A lot.


It makes me focus on what I am doing.


So, at first, the head set was novel. I would find her singing into it as much as reading her story, but as time went on, I did find that it helped block out other noises and sounds that would have otherwise thrown her off track by making the loudest, most prominent thing she heard that what she was suppose to be focusing on.  She enjoys wearing it, and I have seen some improvement, so we will continue to use it during reading aloud, math, and phonics.



My third grader didn’t want to be left out, so he was able to use the head set as well during some of his assignments. He enjoys using it, and it has become almost a reward to reinforce his good study habits.

Have you tried Forbrain? I would love to hear about your experience below.

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