Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids: A Review

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Languages have always fascinated me. That is probably why I majored in Linguistics in college. On top of learning the theoretical aspects of language, I also took many classes including Spanish, Latin, Swahili, and Tohono O’odham. I’ve wanted to share this love of language learning with my children for a while now, so I was really excited for the opportunity to review the Starter Set 1 by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids and introduce my kids to the Spanish language.


What’s in the Box?

  • Guide for Teachers and Parents, Levels 1-3
  • Basketballs aren’t for Breakfast, Level 1 Workbook
  • The Little Magic House Part 1, Level 2 Workbook
  • The Little Magic House Part 2, Level 3 Workbook
  • Go Squishy Card Game, Levels 1-3
  • Sticker labels, Levels 1-3
  • DVD with video lessons for level 1-3

Spanish Starter set


The Product: Spanish Starter Set 1

The Starter Set 1  is an introductory course to teach your student Spanish. You, as the teacher, don’t need to know ANY Spanish at all: All content teaching is done by kids on a series of videos. The Guide for Parents and Teachers outlines what video to watch and lists 2-3 activities to help reinforce each lesson and learn about Latin American countries and culture. These activities may include fun crosswords or word searches in the workbook, games with the flash cards, and hands-on practice with the stickers, to name a few.


Foreign Languages by Kids for Kids: Methodology & Goals

There are many opinions about how and when to teach a second language to a child. I’ve even read articles purporting that it is not in a kid’s best interest learn a second language at all! I personally find that hard to believe. Foreign Languages by Kids for Kids believes immersion and repetition are the best techniques to learn a new language. The video dialogue is 100% Spanish (except for the introduction); by watching familiar situations in various scenarios, children pick up the meaning of the Spanish words and phrases through context not translation. The program encourages the parents, teachers, and students at home to use English (or any language besides Spanish) as little as possible. This curriculum accommodates different learning styles by teaching the same material in a variety of different ways, and aims to alleviate self-consciousness and build confidence by providing a fun and comfortable atmosphere.

How We Used It

We followed the lesson plans outlined in the Guide for Teachers and Parents. We watched the videos A LOT! 🙂 My kids love flash cards and games with flash cards, so we did all the activities suggested in the program and made up some of our own as well.

The workbooks are targeted for students third grade and older, so I modified the assignments for my second grader and kindergartener. We often did the workbook activities together orally. Occasionally, my second grader was able to do the workbooks activities on his own or with a little help. For example, I used the sticker labels as an ‘answer box’ for the crossword.


My Opinion


My kids really enjoyed the videos. Some lessons assign watching only a part of a video, and my kids NEVER wanted to stop. They loved watching the kids, the dogs, and fun stories.


The Starter Set 1 provides many ideas for fun learning, using videos, picture cards, sticker labels, and colorful worksheets full of crosswords, word searches, etc.

Planning Is Done For You

I like how each lesson is planned out for you already. You have everything you need – You dont’ have to waste time collecting supplies. The DVD provides a press and go format, so I didn’t even have to preview the day’s content.


Have you tried teaching a second language to your children? Have you tried a product by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
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