Free Book: Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

Barnes and Noble

Dear Homeschooler,

The Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program is Back! 

Here’s how it works. Your student has to read 8 books and fill out the reading journal telling to whom they would recommend each book and why. Hand it in to Barnes and Noble by September 3, 2018 and BAM! your student as earned a free book from the list found within the reading journal (see below). Easy peasy!

Barnes and Noble

Now, no where does it say that the child has to do the reading themselves, so, parents, you can read to your child and fill in their answers. Although the free books choices are categorized from grade 1 – grade 6, it does not specify that your student must be within those grades/age limits.

I just wanted share this great opportunity to get our kids reading. If you already knew about this, pass this along to a friend who may not know.

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