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Since we started homeschooling, we have struggled to find the right Bible program, so I was extremely excited for the opportunity to review the New Testament Overview Part 1 by Grapevine Studies. For the past several weeks, we have been using the New Testament Part 1: John to the Apostles for Beginner Students, and we love it!



Lesson 1: The Kids’ Reactions

We were so excited to start that our first lesson was done before breakfast in our pjs. Starting in Luke chapter 1, ZooKid and I took turns reading the Bible passages, learning about the birth of John the Baptist. The combination of reading and drawing kept the kids engaged, and by answering the comprehension questions at the end, I could see that they actually understood the story. The kids absolutely loved it and begged to do more than one lesson that morning.

Grapevine studies


Lesson Breakdown

Each lesson has 3 main parts: Scripture and Expressive Drawing Boxes, a Lesson Review, and a Memory Verse. There are 4 boxes, each containing a short scripture passage, a title to direct the drawing, and a space to draw. The teacher’s manual also guides the conversation. There are 5 review questions to check your student’s comprehension and possibly spark further discussion. Lastly, a corresponding memory verse is suggested.


Differentiation: Beginner and Beginner Traceables

Differentiation was one of my favorite terms as a special education teacher. It’s a fancy way of specifying and meeting each student’s needs within the same lesson. Grapevine Studies does an amazing job at this.

I was able to teach both my first grader, who is an advanced reader for his age, and my preschooler, who is a pre-reader, the same lesson and make it meaningful and skill-appropriate. ZooKid was able to read the passages out loud and creatively draw his own pictures to match the prompts. Princess Super Kitty listened to the passages and was able to trace the stick pictures. Occasionally, when she felt creative, she would add her own touches, but she was never overwhelmed with the tasks she was required to do.

Beyond the Beginner and Beginner Traceables, Grapevine Studies provides 4 levels up to grade 8 (ages 12-14) to differentiate among all the elementary students in your home, allowing you to study the Bible together as a family.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}



More Product Information

Grapevine Studies provides numerous topical studies as well as Old Testament and New Testament overviews.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Other Grapevine Studies products include Bible calendars, timelines, and wall timelines.

Studies can be purchased as a physical book or as a downloadable ebook. One student book costs $12.50, and the teacher’s manual costs $22.50. Downloadable student books can be printed as many times as needed, and thus a family license ($10.00) or class license ($37.50) must be purchased. The teachers license ebook is $18.00.


My Opinionhomeschool bible study

I really like this Bible program. The teacher’s manual provides a clear direction for each lesson, minimizing the time needed to prep; however, the structure is open enough to give you the freedom to pull the lessons you want to focus on from the scripture. I think it is important for kids to read and listen to the Bible. This program does this and allows you to use the translation you prefer. I love how this program uses multiple forms of expression to help kids understand the truths in the Bible and how families can study together despite age and skill level. The one con is, if you are planning on using this as a daily devotional, younger students will have a hard time memorizing a new verse each day. Overall, I think Grapevine is a great Bible program, and I am planning to continue to use it.

Have you tried Grapevine Studies? What was your experience? Comment below or upload a picture!

Till Next Time, 

Jennifer Myers


Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
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  1. nicely written review. Good examples and your pleasure with it shone through. It was good to see examples of what your children did.

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