Heading East!

Dear Homeschooler,

This past year has been a year of changes for us (and there might be even more later this year….), but for now, we are settling in our new home in Tennessee!


So, this week, we…

  • Packed up our stuff and drove from Colorado through Kansas, Illinois, and Kentucky into Tennessee.
  • Crossed the prairies and the Mississippi River
  • Ate among the dinosaurs at the T-Rex Cafe in Kansas City
  • Saw the Gateway Arch
  • Saw a lot of wildlife (some as roadkill, unfortunately): deer, antelope, skunk, armadillo, possum, raccoon, and a frog
  • Walked along the Tennessee River and fed the ducks, geese, and fish
  • Visited our new zoo 🙂
  • Made spears out of bamboo
  • Caught fireflies


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