Heroes of History – Davy Crockett: A Review


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We love history! We just finished up a unit study on Native Americans and are currently studying a “Moving West” theme, including pioneering, emigrant trails, gold rushes, etc., and that is why we were very excited to incorporate the story Heroes of History – Davy Crockett  and corresponding Digital Unit Study by YWAM Publishing into our unit study.


The Story: Heroes of History – Davy Crockett

Heroes of History – Davy Crockett is a well-written historical novel written for children ages 10 and older. Children younger than 10 can still be captivated by the story as a read-aloud. Evidence of the depth of research and fact-checking can be seen in the writing.

The story takes you on the journey of Davy Crockett’s life from his young childhood, growing up as the son of a pioneer to his death at the Alamo. Most know him as a skilled hunter and frontiersman, but as you read, you’ll realize this was just a small part of his life and you’ll learn why he deserves to be on the list of American heroes. Experience the hardships of pioneering during the time of the American western expansion and of war with Native Americans and Mexico. Get a close look at the workings of early American government. See what made Davy Crockett an admired citizen and a man to be emulated even today.

This book is part of series of Heroes in History books, where you can learn about other prominent people in history, including Daniel Boone, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Ronald Reagan, etc. in the same, engaging way.


The Digital Unit Study

Heroes of History – Davy Crockett novel has an accompanying Digital Unit Study Guide also written by Janet and Geoff Benge that provides eight chapters of learning enhancements:

Key Quotes: Using related quotes to work on memorization and open discussion.

Display Corner: Ideas on how to set up a visual demonstration of related learning.

Chapter Questions: Work on comprehension, vocabulary, fact knowledge, etc.

Student Explorations: Ideas on how to expand learning and understanding via essay and creative writing prompts, art and other projects.

Community Links: Ideas on how to use local resources to support learning.

Social Studies: Ideas on how to expand the historical and geographic learning.

Related Themes to Explore: Ideas on how to take your learning one step farther.

Culminating Event: Details on how to end your study unit with a bang!

Appendices include books and resources, answered to chapter questions, and social studies reproducibles.


How We Used This in First Grade

I read the story aloud to my first grader and preschooler. The first grader enjoyed the story and demonstrated high content retention, although he had a harder time following along the parts with a lot of dates. We used many ideas from the Digital Unit Study, which did the planning for me. I found these activities kept engagement high and expanded their learning beyond just the story. Some of the activities we did was build a log house, construct a covered wagon, complete fact sheets about Davy Crockett, paint pictures of our favorite parts of the story, draw some of Davy’s journeys on a map, and watch a movie. We also expanded our learning by reading other texts and books about Davy Crockett and the western expansion and took a field trip to see Davy Crockett’s shirt at a local museum.

My Opinion

Discard those dry history textbooks in favor of this highly engaging, historical fiction book. It especially works great for those with a leaning toward Charlotte Manson teaching methodologies. It is cost effective at only $7.50 through YWAM Publishing. The Digital Unit Study removes hours of planning and provides many lesson ideas to expand your student’s learning and to create a full unit study.

I highly recommend Heroes of History – Davy Crockett and will be incorporating other books in this series into future history and unity studies.

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