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History is one of our favorite subjects. There are so many resources available that sometimes it is hard to nail down what we want to study and how we want to study it. That is why we LOVE Home School in the Woods. We used their History Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study last year to study Ancient Greece (Check out that review here.) The kids LOVED it. It is a hands-on approach to learning history that is effective and adaptable to a wide range of ages and abilities. So, when I had the chance to review the Make-a-State Activity-Pak by Homeschool in the Woods, I jumped at the chance. The Make-a-State Activity-Pak is a part of the Activity-Pak series that also include the Old Testament, New Testament, Artists, and Composers.

Learning about Each State

As you make each state, you will be guided into complete these 20 activities:

  • Key State Facts
  • Origin of State Names
  • State Motto
  • State Symbols
  • State Song
  • State Wildlife
  • Regions
  • State Geography
  • State Government
  • State Seal & Flag
  • State History
  • Famous People From…
  • Native Tribes
  • State Industry/Agriculture/Climate
  • State Landmarks
  • Sports Teams
  • State Quarter
  • Recipes
  • State Vocabulary
  • State Timeline
 Home School in the Woods

The great thing about this product is its flexibility. You can use whatever resource works best for you — There is no required text! So, you can do Activity 13: Famous People From… and watch a documentary or historical recreation, watch you tube videos, read storybooks, have your kids read their own books, and so on. You can look at the scope and sequence here.

Another amazing thing about this curriculum is its adaptability to different levels, so you can teach many grades at the same time. All your students will do the same activity, but you can modify their output according to their ability. You may require more detailed explanations from your older kids and only require tracing or pictures from your younger ones.

How We Used It

We just moved to Georgia, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get to know our new state a little better. I have a student going into third grade and one going into first grade. They are two very different students in how they learn and how they show their learning — even beyond the grade difference.  My soon-to-be third grader is a very confident reader. He was able to read texts on his own, search for information with some guidance, and watch documentaries when appropriate. He is able to quickly write information in the lap book activities fairly independently (with only some help for grammar and spelling). My almost first grader is an emergent reader, so I would read information to her. She gained a lot of knowledge from short You Tube videos on specific subjects. She would dictate what she learned and I would write it down for her to copy. She would also draw pictures.


Bonus Activities

Although there isn’t an accompanied text to this activity-oak, Home School in the Woods did provide State Fact Sheets as a quick reference source. Also included is a “Name That State” File Folder Game, which is great to help memorize facts and show retention.

We love all the products we have tried from Home School in the Woods.  Next year, we are studying the Middle Ages and are planning on using their History Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Middle Ages. I have a short list of curricula that I absolutely love and will default to when planning our school year because I know they are well-researched and that they work for us, and Home School in the Woods is on that list. Check them out and see if any of their products will work in your homeschool. If you have used their products, I would love to hear about it below in the comments.

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