Homeschool Copywork: A Review

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Don’t you love products that make learning better? With the Lifetime Membership from Homeschool Copywork, we were able to add some interest to our learning while working on becoming better writers.

Offering copywork, cursive copywork, notebooking pages, studies, and coloring pages for early elementary, upper elementary, and junior/high school, there is something for all students.

Homeschool Copywork Products

Homeschool Copywork offers downloadable books in a variety of different subjects to not only build handwriting skills but also practice proper form, grammar, and punctuation. These books also expose students to different writing styles all within a specific content area. Here is a sampling of the different copywork and notebooking books by subject.

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  • Human Life Notebooking Pages
  • Human Body Notebooking Pages
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made — Copywork Quotes About Human Life
  • Shark Notebooking Pages and Copywork
  • Leaves Notebooking and Coloring Pages
  • Autumn in the Garden Copywork
  • John James Audubon Copywork
  • Bird Coloring Pages


  • All Creatures of Our God and King Hymn Study and Copywork
  • Armor of God Copywork
  • The Story of the Rainbow
  • Thanksgiving Copywork
  • Anywhere with Jesus Hymn Study and Copywork
  • 1 Corinthians 13 Cursive Copywork

Art and Music

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Artist Study and Copywork
  • Vincent van Gogh Artist Study and Copywork, Volume 1 -5
  • Vincent van Gogh Notebooking Pages
  • Franz Liszt Quotes for Copywork
  • Johann Sebastian Bach – Quotes for Copywork
  • Mozart: Quotes from Composers Copywork
  • Hymn Study and Copywork
  • Be Thou My Vision Hymn Study and Copywork
  • Duke Ellington – Quotes for Copywork
  • Amazing Grace Hymn Study and Copywork


  • Star-Spangled Banner Copywork
  • Wright Brothers Copywork
  • William H. Taft Inaugural Address Copywork
  • President Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation


  • The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  • O, Captain, My Captain Copywork
  • Roger Browning Copywork
  • Charge of the Light Brigade Tennyson Copywork
  • The Poems of Lewis Carroll


  • Valentine’s Day Notebooking Pages
  • I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
  • Christmas Copywork
  • Thanksgiving Copywork

And there’s many, many more!



Sign up for the Free Membership (FREE) which will allow you access to a limited amount of copywork and notebooking books. Signing up for the Full One Year Membership ($29.95) will give you access to all copywork and notebooking books for one year. Signing up for the Lifetime Membership ($45.00) will give you access to all current  and future copywork and notebooking books for as long as Homeschool Copywork exists.


How We Used Homeschool Copywork: First Grade

At the time I received my membership, ZooKid was studying human anatomy and physiology in Science. As you can see above, Homeschool Copywork has many books on this subject: We chose Fearfully and Wonderfully Made — Copywork Quotes About Human Life.

Homeschool Copywork: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

A couple times a week, we would set aside our regular penmanship program and do a page in this book. I will admit the content of several of the quotes in this particular book was a little above my first grader’s full understanding, but we enjoy discussing each one to the extent that we could.

Homeschool Copywork: ZooKid


How We Used Homeschool Copywork: Preschool

Princess Super Kitty worked her way through this 26 page copywork almost daily.

Homeschool Copywork: ABC

We used this copybook not only to work on increasing her fine motor and printing skills but also to help reinforce her literacy lessons of identifying letters and letter sounds.

My Opinion

We enjoyed the books we used from Homeschool Copywork, and the accompanying pictures engaged the children. Princess Super Kitty is just learning to print her letters while ZooKid is practicing on perfecting his form. We use Handwriting Without Tears for our penmanship curriculum; I highly recommend this program, but sometimes, copying random words and sentences doesn’t make penmanship worksheets as meaningful as they could be. This is why I like Homeschool Copywork. I was able to connect the subject matter of the copysheets to what we were learning.

I anticipate continuing to incorporate Homeschool Copywork’s subject-related worksheets into our learning.


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Homeschool Copywork Review
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