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Dear Homeschoolers,

If you are like me, you probably get a lot of questions about your choice to homeschool. I often homeschool in public places like Panera Bread, and so the door is open for passersby to see and question. Most of those that approach me are very positive — either they’ve homeschooled themselves or at least see the benefits of it. I have only had one drill me for the reasons why I chose to school my kids at home. We who have chosen to homeschool do so for many reasons. The way we teach, the curricula we use, and the resources we use are different across the board.

Homeschooling is becoming more mainstream and more accepted:

“Getting an education at home is a growing movement: from 850,000 homeschooled children in 1999 to 1,770,000 children in 2011, or 3,4% of all school-aged children in the USA.” — The Homeschooling Research Report 2017

And as such, a lot of questions are being asked. MKOR Consulting for Wisdom Ninja conducted a homeschool research study December 2016 – February 2017 to get statistical answers to some of the following questions:

  • Why homeschooling?
  • Why do so many parents choose it?
  • Who are those parents?
  • Which are the most used curricula?
  • What are the top reasons to school at home? Homeschooling pros and cons.
  • What are the top homeschooling styles?
  • What are the most used online resources for homeschooling?
  • What about socialization? Do homeschoolers socialize?

Read their results and get a free downloadable copy of their report here. It is an interesting and informative read. Being armed with homeschooling statistics can be helpful when conversing with anyone inquiring about homeschooling topics.


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